Technical Information


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TS-440S Service Manual
MD5: 94a3d696039827d33973edbdea0b6dc6
Service Manual for the Kenwood TS-440S HF transceiver. 24.47 MB
TS-440S Instructions
MD5: d0f5df7c66b6b015e113a349703fbbd3
User Guide for Kenwood TS-440S 4.87 MB
TS-440S Bulb Replace
MD5: d75ab5034ca983fa357984b31ac93bb3
Instructions from VE3TJD for replacing the front panel bulbs in the Kenwood TS-440S 423kB
MC-42S Manual
MD5: afe41e46a03ca46715836bba4849eaf9
Manual for the Kenwood MC-42S microphone (suit the TS-440S). 322kB
MC-60A Manual
MD5: a69c97fc314fe2c4b1c0f1b829a4a92d
Manual for the Kenwood MC-60A desk microphone (with pre-amp) 420kB
MC-50 Manual
MD5: b5d30d164672f96f1e8f71fb677f54c5
Manual for the Kenwood MC-50 desk microphone. 103kB
IC-551D Maintenance
MD5: d9901d4aa3d0b5689fd617b8f85dbd25
Maintenance Manual (Service Manual) for the Icom IC-551D 6M All Mode 4.93MB
IC-551D Instructions
MD5: f9dfc113edaf9bf7e87a61f2fd15cce8
Instruction Manual (User Guide) for the Icom IC-551D 6M All Mode 2.40MB
DR-635 Instructions
MD5: 1dcc770a14679ea0cf1b71694ee5991b
Instruction Manual (User Guide) for the Alinco DR-635 2M/70cm Dual Band FM transceiver 11MB


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